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Dance Festival 2017

ECPAC 15th Anniversary Dance Festival!

Each Year ECPAC Produces a year show for your dancers to show
friends and family what they have been working on all year!  


Please note: There is no more "Pay parking lot" parking on the vineyard only. They have a parking team to help you park and a shuttle to get you to the lawn.



Intro Video from Miss Nina click here


Dress Rehearsal Campos Vineyards
3501 Byer Road
Friday, June 16

Jr Show1: 9am (dancers arrive at 8:30am)
Jr Show 2: 10am (Dancers arrive at 9:30am)
Sr Shows 1: 12noon (dacners arrive at 11:30am)
Sr Show 2: 2pm (Dancers arrive at 1:30pm)

We will also have dress rehearsals in the studio the week before the show.


Show Day Saturday, June 17 at Campos Vineyards
3501 Byer Road

Junior Show 1: 9:00am (arrive 8:30am)
Junior Show 2: 11:15am (arrive 10:45am)
Sr Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap and Tumbling Show 1:30pm (arrive 1pm)
Sr Ballet and Contemporary Show:3:30pm (arrive 3pm)
Competition Showcase: 6:15pm (arrive 5:45pm)

Show assignments (in the April 26th Newslettter)
Click here for the show order

Tickets Will be available at Dress Rehearsal
Friday prices:

All Tickets General Lawn Seating
Please bring blanket or low back chairs
$15 1 show
$22 all show - all day pass
each person over 2 years needs a ticket

Saturday at the Festival tickets prices do increase


Our 15th Anniversary Recital theme is Celebrate!!

Boogie Babies is celebrating Friendship
Bitty Ballet is celebrating Going to School
Hippity Hop Is celebrating Birthday Parties
Tap/Jazz combos are celebrating Summertime
Building Ballet is celebrating Valentine’s Day
Tumbling classes are celebrating New Year’s Eve (tiny tumblers are not in the recital)

Ballet 1-6 are celebrating the classical Ballets
Ballet 1 & 2: Cinderella
Ballet 3-4: Paquita
Ballet 5-6: Giselle

Jazz classes are celebrating Vacation
Contemporary classes are celebrating Dedication
Hip Hop classes are celebrating Halloween with a super cool black light number!
Tap classes are celebrating a Night on the Town


Speciality Dances

We have some fun speciality numbers for your dancer to participate in if you would like to joing the fun please contact the front desk to enroll!

Father Daughter Dance

If your dancer would like to do the Father Daughter Dance Rehearsals are as follows:

Sunday, May 21 3pm, June 4, June 11 at 4:00

Cost: $50 per couple.

 Father Daughter Dance is open to all dancers 5 and older.  Dads will wear jeans and a recital tee shirt, dancers will wear black leggings and a recital tee shirt.



Theater Etiquette

We work very hard to give your dancers a professional show experience.  To do this we need your help.  Our recital audiences should behave in the same manner as they would if they were watching a professional Ballet or Broadway Show.  Here are a few guidelines:

Please do not put your feet up on the chairs, please do not holler names or sayings from the audience.

No exiting or entering while dancers are dancing- be courteous to those around you who are trying to watch the show and courteous to the kids on stage.

There is NO VIDEOTAPING or PHOTOGRAPHY of any kind during the show! 

Why?: This is for the safety of our dancers! Please let your party know. We have had some issues of parents posting pictures of children on social media without their parent’s consent.  Not every parent is comfortable with their child’s pictures or video being out on social media.

We also want to be sure the audience enjoys the show.  It is rude to the people around you to have a light on your phone or a phone or ipad blocking your view.  Please be courteous to the audience members around you, do not video or take photos.

Please pick up after not leave trash behind.      240-5556



 view frequently asked recital questions here



Performance Ballet Bun

What do I need to start?

  • Hair brush or comb with close bristles
  • 1 Large covered hair elastic (hair tie, not scrunchies)
  • 2-4 small covered hair elastics
  • Hair net that matches your dancer’s hair (available at Longs or most drug stores)
  • Thick u-shaped hair pins (for the bun)
  • Bobby pins (for the hair net)
  • Hair spray
  • Hair gel


How do I make the bun?

1. Start with wet hair

2. Apply a liberal amount of gel to the hair, paying most attention to the hair on top to combat fly-aways

3. Pull wet hair back neatly into a ponytail at the crown of the head (not at the top of the head) using a brush or comb to avoid lumps and bumps in the hair. A tidy ponytail is the key to a good bun.

4. Secure ponytail with large hair elastic (no scrunchies)

5. Use hair spray to tame any fly-aways

6. Separate the bun into 2-4 pieces depending on the thickness of your dancer’s ponytail. Braid each section and secure with small hair elastic.

7. Wrap each braid individually around the hair elastic holding the ponytail. Try to keep the bun flat against the head: don’t wrap it so it gets taller, wrap it so it gets wider. Secure with hair pins as you wrap. Tuck the end under the coil and secure with hair pin.

8. Repeat with remaining braids. Use plenty of hair pins (12-16 on average)

9. Once you have created your bun, wrap your hair net around it as many times as it will allow for a snug fit.

10. Hold the hair net in place with a few bobby pins

11. Finish with hair spray


Short Hair:

  • Pull short hair back with bobby pins, hair elastics, or barrettes.
  • No hair should be hanging in the face.
  • See your teacher if you need help or ideas for short hair.


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