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Flip Stars Tumbling Expo Team

The FLIPstars Tumbling Team is a wonderful opportunity for your child to participate in a performance and competitive atmosphere working together with their teammates towards common goals. As a tumbling team member, students will learn routines that incorporate dance, tumbling and acro gymnastics. These routines will have various themes and costumes to make the children stand out and spotlight their skills. This Gymnastics for All or GFA is run through United States Associatio n of Gymnastics (USAG) and is a growing program that has even expanded to college campus' like Oregon, Azusa Pacific and Baylor to name a few.

To make sure our teams run smoothly, we have guidelines that you are expected to follow.


Uniform In class:
Girls should be in their custom team practice leotard during the team class. Black shorts may be worn optionally. In their weekly tumbling class they are welcome to wear their team practice leo, but are welcome to wear other approved tumbling attire as well.

Hair should be worn securely away from the face in a manner in which it will not be landed on during various tumbling and acro skills.

Boys are to wear their royal team shirt and black shorts to team class and will be allowed to wear form fitting shirts or tanks and work - out shorts to their weekly tumbling class.

Tumblers will not be allowed in class if they are not in uniform.


Consist of the ECPAC team jacket which is to worn at all events over any costume/performance leotard. In the event of the performance is warm tumblers should wear their team t - shirt over their costume/leotard when not performing. Solid black leggings (not provided by the studio) should be worn at events when not performing.


Class requirements:
Students are required to attend both team classes and tumbling technique classes on time and consistently. Students who do not attend required classes will be dismissed from the team at the teacher's discretion.

It is important that your child attends class to continue their own progress as well as uphold a commitment to their teammates.

Team classes will be 45 minutes in length and will be spent practicing acro lifts, rehearsing routines and drilling tumbling skills. To maximize time most effectively students should c ome warmed up and stretched before the start of class.


Participation/parent commitment:
Students are required to attend ALL performances with no exceptions. If a students is absent from a performance or competition it could servery change the success of t he team's performance. Student's who miss a performance or competition will be considered for dismissal from the team.


Performance Schedule for the conclusion of the 2014 - 2015 season:

  • May 23 - 25 Kidfest
  • June 13 ECPAC Recital
  • July 10-26 California State Fair
    (Dates will be narrowed down once we find out our performance assignment)
  • August 29-30 Brentwood Art and Wine Festival -
    If there is an issue securing space at one of these events there will be a comparable replacement on the same date.

Competitions will be held at United States Association of Gymnastics (USAG) approved venues. That schedule will be inserted in our 2015-2016 schedule. You can check out more at under Gymnastics for all (GFA).



  • Class: Your child's cost to adding a 45 minute class, based on your tuition plan.
  • Warm-up jacket: $110
  • Cover up shirt: $35
  • Team Bag: $50
  • Practice custom Leo/shirt: $35
  • Costume deposit: $100
  • Administration Fee (for performance only events): $5 per child per performance

Competition fees and USAG membership fees will vary depending on the event and will be laid out in the 2015-2016 season schedule. We will give an up to date amount on those prices then


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