Site-Specific Protection Plan for East County Performing Arts Center
Updated Jan 11 2022


Person responsible for designing, executing and overseeing this plan- Nina Koch, owner

3901 Walnut Blvd Suites B&C
Brentwood, Ca 94513



General Safety and Health Protocols

  • Lobby is closed to viewing for parents of dancers 7 and up
  • Water fountains are closed
  • All people age 2 and over are required to wear masks.  Even in classes.
  • Personal prop bags are available for purchase
  • Hand sanitizer is available at the front desk


Cleaning protocols

  • The studio is cleaned in its entirety daily either before or after classes.  Including disinfection of all surfaces by a professional commercial janitorial company.  

Drop off and pick up procedures protocols

  • Dancers cannot be dropped off more than 5 min early for class or pick up more than 5 min late
  • Dancers are encouraged to wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer before starting class.  


Employee Training

  • Review protocols 
  • Staff must complete a Self Screening
  • Review Covid-19 general education
    • From
      COVID-19 is a respiratory illness caused by a novel virus that has been spreading worldwide. Community-acquired cases have now been confirmed in California. We are gaining more understanding of COVID-19’s epidemiology, clinical course, immunogenicity, and other factors as time progresses, and the situation is changing daily. CDPH is in the process of monitoring COVID-19, conducting testing with local and federal partners, and providing guidance and resources to prevent, detect and respond to the occurrence of COVID-19 cases in California. At this time, community transmission of COVID-19 has occurred in California. Educational institutions should prepare for possible impacts of COVID-19 and take precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, as well as other infectious diseases, including influenza and gastroenteritis.
    • The Ca SIP will not eliminate the disease it will slow the spread so medical teams can prepare and not be overwhelmed by an influx of patients.


  • Staff must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer after using the restroom.  
  • All teachers and staff must wear masks
  • All teachers and staff are encouraged to be vaccinated


Our exposure guidelines follows the guidance of the Contra Costa Department of Health

  • If a dancer has tested positive
    • We notify the class of a mask to mask exposure
    • We contact the student who has tested positive 
      • Who were they in contact with without a mask
      • We notify the parent of those dancers privately
      • The dancer who had unmasked contact will be asked to quarantine 
      • Quarantine time is 10 days without a test or
      • Dancer can test 5 days after exposure and return to class with a negative test on day 6
    • The entire class does not need to quarantine since it was a mask to mask exposure
    • If the exposed dancer(s) is fully vaccinated the exposed dancer does not need to quarantine
      • Fully vaccinated means having both shots and 2 weeks have passed since the last does.

  • If there is a family member at home who tests positive for covid- REGARDLESS OF VACCINATION STATUS
    • We do not notify the class
    • Exposed dancer must quarantine
      • Quarantine time is 10 days without a test or
      • Dancer can test 5 days after exposure and return to class with a negative test on day 6 as long as the dancer has not been in contact with the family member who tested positive during those 6 days.   If the dancer has been in contact then the dancer must quarantine for 10 days. 
    • When a dancer needs to quarantine the dancer should take class via zoom


  • If a teacher has tested positive 
    • We notify the class of a mask to mask exposure
      • The teacher will quarantine for 5 days and can test 5 days after exposure and return to class with a negative test on day 6
        • Teacher will zoom in to classes when appropriate and have subs when appropriate.  
    • The class does not need to quarantine since it is a mask to mask exposure


  • If a teacher or staff member has been exposed, but does not test positive
    • We do not notify the class
    • If the teacher or staff member is vaccinated and the exposure was not from someone in their household he/she does not need to quarantine.  If the exposure is from someone in their household please follow the rules for unvaccinated exposure.
    • If the teacher of staff member is not vaccinated he/she must quarantine
      • Quarantine time is 10 days without a test or
      • Teacher can test 5 days after exposure and return to class with a negative test on day 6 as long as the dancer has not been in contact with the family member who tested positive. If the teacher has been in contact the quarantine time is 10 days.
    • Teacher will zoom in to classes when appropriate and have subs when appropriate. 

ECPAC 2020/2021 Calendar

Nov 14 Dance Descendants Mini Day Camp 9-11AM
Nov 23-Nov 29 Studio Closed - Thanksgiving Break
Nov 28 Streets of Brentwood Tree Lighting
Nov 30 June Recital Costume 1st Order Deadline
Dec 4 Downtown Brentwood Tree Lighting
Dec 5 Discovery Bay Holiday Parade - All welcome to walk
Dec 6 Little Stars Show - Time TBA
Dec 12 Sugarplum Fairy Mini Day Camp 9-11AM
Nutcracker Spirit Week & Bake Sale - wear nutcracker gear to class
TBA Brentwood Holiday Parade - All welcome to walk
Dec 18 June Recital Costume 2nd Order Deadline
Dec 18-Dec 20 Nutcracker Shows
Dec 20 Cast Only - Nutcracker Cast Breakfast 8:30AM @ studio
Dec 21-Jan 3rd Winter Break - STUDIO CLOSED
Jan 4 Studio Reopens
Jan 16 Fancy Nancy Mini Day Camp 9-11AM
Jan 22-24 Hollywood Connection Dance Convention
Feb 8-12 Share the Love of Dance - Bring a Friend Week
Feb 28th Last day to register 2020-2021 season
March 13 Bella Bunny Mini Day Camp 9-11AM
March 14-19 Spring Break Camp 9AM-12PM ages 4-10
March 15-21 Spring Break- Studio Closed
April 17 Rock N’ Trolls Mini Day Camp 9-11AM
April 24 Prince and Princess Tea Party 2PM-4PM
*April 16-25 National Dance Week
May 3 June Recital Tickets Available Online Purchases
May 11 2020/2021 Members Only VIP Registration
May 15 Unicorn Mini Day Camp 9-11AM
May 18th 2020/2021 Registration Opens
May 25 National Tap Dance Day
May 31 Memorial Day - STUDIO CLOSED
May 30-31 2020/2021 ECPAC Comp Team Auditions
June 1 Membership Rolls Over
June 14-20 2021 June Recital
June 21-27 Bring a Friend Week - Level Up Week
June 27-July 3 Hollywood Connection Nationals
July 19th Last Day of the 2020/2021 Season

Parent Handbook

Required Clothes and Shoes

Please refer to the Dress Code sheet and Ballet Guidebook for more dress code information.
You can find all the dancewear and shoes you need at our in-studio store Gabby's Closet. Stop by suite A-1 to take a look.

Below is the dress code for each type of class so you can also go on your own to make purchases.

We also have ECPAC logo wear for girls and boys as well as other dance wear items in our ONLINE STORE

Please Note: There is no jeans or denim allowed in any class. Because we have high quality dance floors street shoes cannot be worn inside the class-room. Please have your dancer change their shoes in the lobby, do not let them wear their dance shoes outside.

Parent Viewing

We welcome parents to view most classes. All viewing must be done from the parent viewing room or from the windows outside the studio. Parents will NOT be allowed in the studio during classes. The reason for parents not viewing in the dance room is because it can be a distraction to the dancers and it is important for the instructor to be viewed as the main authority figure. If a parent is present the main authority figure is still the parent.

Pick Up And Drop Off

Please do not drop your child off more than 10 minutes early or pick up more than 5 minutes late unless arrangements have been made in advance with the teacher or office manager. If your child is enrolled in the last class of the day and is consistently picked up late ECPAC may charge you for time spent after hours. Dancers must stay at the dance studio under adult supervision while waiting for parents. For safety reasons dancers are not allowed to wait for pick up anywhere but inside the studio. To keep shoes and our dance floor in good condition, dancers should not wear dance shoes outside the studio and for their safety dancers should always cover-up when leaving or arriving at the studio.


The studio will hold a winter and summer recital. All details for performances will be available at a later date. Performances are NOT mandatory for those who do not wish to be on stage. Dance is not only a great form of exercise but it is also a performance art. There will be required costumes for performances. Costume prices are $50 for winter recital $85 for June recital. There may be additional costs for extended sizes.

Bathroom Policy

Parents of little ones, we ask that either you or a designated adult of your choice be responsible for all your child’s restroom needs. Instructors will not be able to leave the classroom and we believe this will maintain parents, instructors, and children’s comfort levels. The best choice is to have your child use the restroom before class.

Leaving The Premises

It is not the responsibility of the teachers or staff of ECPAC to monitor dancers between classes. If your dancer leaves the studio to get food, drink or any rea-son, that dancer’s safety is not the responsibility of the studio, its employees or contractors. We do not want dancers leaving to studio without adult supervision, we ask that you please tell your children not to leave the studio under any circumstances. If you choose to allow your child to leave the studio you are accepting all responsibility for any occurrences.


We operate on an advanced tuition payment plan. First month tuition is due at the time of registration. Future tuition payments are due by the 15th of the month. For example April tuition is due March 15th and May tuition is due April 15th. ECPAC only operates on an auto-pay system. Monthly Auto-Pay, means your monthly tuition payments are automatically deducted from your credit or debit card. There is a $5.00 fee for returned auto-payments. Monthly tuition payments are required to keep your account in good standing and to re-serve your student’s spot in class. ECPAC cannot extend any credits or allow any account to go 30 days past due. We reserve the right to send past due accounts to collections.

A $40 membership fee for returning families and a $45.00 membership fee for new families is due at the time of registration. Membership fees are not refund-able.

What is included in my Membership Fee?

Special Member Only Events
Discounted Summer Classes
Priority registration
Free make up classes
Discounted Birthday Packages
Dance Pathways Conference
2 yearly recitals

Full tuition is due every month whether the student has attended all classes or not. We will prorate tuition for vacations only when we receive written notice at least two (2) weeks prior to the absence. If students do not attend one (1) month without putting their account on hold and paying tuition for said month; the student’s spot in class may be filled by a student on a waiting list. Tuition will not be prorated for holidays and studio closures. Tuition and registration fees are non-refundable. If you pay for classes that you do not attend or drop a class your tuition and registration fees will not be refunded for any reason. We do accept full year payments, without a discount. If you should choose to withdraw tuition is not refunded.

You may pay with cash or check for your tuition, but you do still need a card or ACH on file. Cash/check payment must be received by the 14th or your account will be changed.

If you have a balance on your account your card will be ran by the 5th of the month to cover the past due balance.

If an instructor is unable to teach and a substitute is not available you will be notified and given a date for a make-up class or a credit to your account for that class.


We require a 30 written withdrawal notice and you will need to fill out a Withdrawal Form Tuition and registration fees are not refundable. If you withdraw after registration but before the dance season begins in August you will be re-funded your prepaid tuition for August but your registration fee in non-refundable.

Food And Drink

Dancers and family members are not allowed to eat or drink inside the dance rooms. Food must be eaten in the student lounge area and it is the responsibility of the student to keep this area clean. Water is permitted in the classrooms. Dancers are not allowed to chew gum in class.


If a dancer or parent conducts themselves in a manner that is obscene, offensive, violent, aggressive, demeaning or disrespectful we reserve the right to refuse service.